This Unit was started in 1975. The original cars were open-body and powered by 5 HP engines. All cars are hand made by the Unit.

The cars are now micro-Midget bodies powered by 5 to 11 HP engines. We have one Roadster style pace car owned by the Unit and may be driven by any member.

We have 13 members and 1 (one) Honorary member. We meet the 1st Tuesday of each month. There is no fee to join and dues are $20.00.

Uniforms will cost approximately $150.00 and the car may cost as much as $2500.00 new. There is usually a pre-owned car for sale for less money by a member who is no longer able to parade.


Our ladies group is called the "Pit Crew" and are an active part of our Unit. We generally meet once every 2 or 3 months for dinner out or feast at someone's home or the Shrine Center.


The Unit fund raisers include making and selling homemade sausage. The sausage is very well received and it is good fun and fellowship for the Unit members one or two times per year while making sausage. We support many Temple functions including Bingo and our Shrine Rodeo. We also hold Mouse Races once a year at the Temple. Another fund raiser is raffling two prime seats to a NASCAR event at the Kansas Speedway.



Meets 1st Tuesday


President: Scott Lamons

For more information, contact any member of our Unit or call the Unit President listed in the Abdallah's monthly newspaper, "The Playground".