The Purpose of the Director Staff will be to encourage and maintain the highest quality of character and good fellowship. We are expected to aid the Illustrious Potentate and Divan of Abdallah Shrine in all authorized Shrine functions.


The membership of the Director's Staff shall be composed of Nobles in good standing with Abdallah Shriners.


We perform the 2nd Section and the ARCH DEGREE at Ceremonials.


We perform services or duties for the Potentate when requested.


We help with the annual Rodeo and other funds raisers of Abdallah Shrine.


From time to time, we could have other fund-raisers if the club chooses to do so.


We have three, or more, social activities during the year.


Annual Dues are $20.00.


The cost for social activities are paid by the members.


Director's Staff meets the first Tuesday of each month, except in July and August. Your attendance is expected at each meeting unless excused by a club officer.


For more information, contact any member of our Club or call the Club President listed in the Abdallah's monthly newspaper, "The Playground".


Meets 1st Wednesday


President: Don Lies