"A Handshake is all it takes to meet, greet and make friends."




To promote the welfare and goodwill of all Shriners in general and the Abdallah Shrine in particular.



The unit serves the Potentate at his discretion at Abdallah Shrine functions, (Potentate's Ball, Ceremonials, and, Stated Meetings, etc.) greeting and making all guests welcome with special attention to Novices and their Ladies. They served in the fitting and sale of new fezzes at the Ceremonials, the day new Nobles are created.


Greeters meet on the fourth Monday of the month January through May and September through November at 6:30 p.m. in the Second Floor Activity Room A.


Fun Activities

The real advantage to becoming a Greeter is the friendships you develop and the camaraderie within the unit. We have four fun events (financed by attendees) in February (Valentine's Day Luncheon), June (catered feast), August (steak fry) and December (Christmas Dinner Party).


Revenues and Fund Raisers

Our Unit revenues are generated by our member's dues, selling Football Cards, holding a Pancake Breakfast, Onion Sales, and our annual Wine Tasting and Spaghetti Dinner. All these activities are open to the Shriners, Masons, their families, friends and general public guests.


Support to the Shrine and Community

Greeters unit will:

  • Provide Support to the Abdallah Shrine Rodeo by purchasing ad banners, sponsoring a Rodeo queen candidate (when in the schedule) and assistance when required in the Rodeo and Demolition Derby.

  • Provide Support for the community spring and fall soccer offerings to children.

  • Are encouraged to participate in temple scheduled parades and the many sponsored activities by other units.


Central States Shrine Greeters Association (CSSGA)

The Abdallah Greeter Unit is an active member of the CSSGA. Meetings are held once a year during the CSSGA Convention and provide our members the rewarding opportunity to meet with other Greeters within the seven states area.


Membership Requirements

  • A candidate for this unit:

    • must be a member in good standing in Abdallah Shrine, A.A.O.N.M.S.

    • shall not have been a member of any other uniformed unit for a period of (6) six months prior to his application for membership.

    • must understand that his participation in all Greeter's and Shrine activities is essential to the success of the Shrine and our unit.

    • must pay dues of $20.00 per calendar year.


  • Formal/Official Uniform: The Greeters of Abdallah Shrine are a uniformed unit. The Greeters require each member to own a standard jeweled fez and a single-breasted black tuxedo, the official uniform for all Shriners.

  • The Abdallah Greeters require a business uniform worn at stated meetings and all Greeter business meetings.At present, the business uniform is a black blazer, gray checkered trousers and a standard tie, sold by the Treasurer (Currently $32.10).

  • Each Greeter is responsible for acquiring his own uniform.

  • During inclement weather, the unit owned black lined capes are to be used as directed.

  • The unit has some used Greeter fezzes available and shall pay the cost for adding Greeters lettering to fezzes of new members.

  • For more information, contact R W Thompson, Director for 2011.(816-914-0173)


Meets: 4th Monday


President: Mitchell Carter