The Abdallah Jokers extend a warm welcome to you, and hope you enjoy your association with the friendliest Shrine center in America. We hope you take time to visit the many fine units in Abdallah, including the Jokers, and then decide to join one.



The Jokers unit is unique in that it is a service unit for the Shrine center. As you know, the joker in a deck of cards can be used as a wild card. The Jokers were formed to be used by the Potentate and the Shrine center like a wild card; performing many various tasks to help where and when we are needed. You will find Jokers involved in Shrine Center activities from Abdallah Shrine Rodeo to serving on committee's such as Membership, Kansas Shrine Bowl, Trustees, and clubs. In parades, we are the guys who ride in the big red bus with the red and white fringe on top. We take our bus to the Central States Shrine Association meeting to provide transportation to CSSA events for all Nobles and their Ladies, and make it available to the Shrine Center whenever needed.


Meets: 4th Tuesday


President: Kenny Courtney

Our logo is the Jokers head found in a deck of cards. Our Ladies' unit is called "The Wild Cards" and they assist the Jokers and the Shrine center in many endeavors.


We have one major fund-raising activity a year: our annual all-you-can-eat spiced shrimp dinner in September. We have a number of social events consisting of picnics, steak dinners , and trips to local eating establishments. The Wildcards meet at the same time as the Jokers monthly meetings; they assist in planning our social functions and have a variety of activities to raise money for our Shrine Hospitals.


Our uniform consists of a white shirt with our Joker logo on the back, tan slacks, and a tan jacket, which also has our Joker logo an the back.



What does it cost to be a Joker?


A one-time bus assessment​      $100.00

Initiation fee​                                 $15.00

Annual dues​                                 $25.00

Total​                                           $140.00


We meet on the fourth. Tuesday of every month (except July and August) at 7:30 p.m. at the Shrine center. We hope you will visit and consider becoming a Joker.


For more information, contact any member of our Unit or call the Unit President listed in the Abdallah's monthly newspaper, "The Playground".