The Abdallah Shrine Oriental Band was formed as an organization to furnish color to ceremonials, parades, and other shrine functions. Also, to add amusement and pleasure to our nobility and interest in the order. In fulfilling this purpose, a true feeling of fellowship will be realized by each Oriental Band member. We are a fun-loving, good fellowship group; the more a member participates, the more benefits will be received from his membership.


The wife of each member is invited and encouraged to join the Ladies of the Oriental Band. They have a very active organization whose purpose is to support land encourage their husband’s participation in the various Oriental Band activities and to promote friendship and fellowship among the members.


Membership is composed of active, associate, and retired veterans, as well as honorary, and probationary members. A probationary member is a noble who has filed a petition for membership in the Oriental Band. After a probationary period is served and proficiency is vouched for by the Music Director, the petitioner may be voted to active membership status.


Abdallah Oriental Band ASOBCS

Meets 1st Thursday


President: Richard Johnson

You will be invited and expected to join two fun degrees, i.e., Camel Herders and Mandarin, sponsored by the Oriental Band. They are used for fund raising and each require only a one time fee to join.


Musical instruments are furnished by the Oriental Band. Uniforms (parade costumes, less egai) are normally furnished by the Oriental Band. Band members are responsible to provide their own shoes (red with turned up toes), red socks, and Egai headband.


Annual dues of $25 shall be paid before the first meeting in January each year.


Regular meetings are: business – 1st Thursday of each month, rehearsals – 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at Abdallah Shrine at 7:00 p.m.


For more information, contact any member of our Unit or call the Unit President listed in the Abdallah's monthly newspaper, "The Playground".


Abdallah Oriental Band ASOBCS3
Abdallah Oriental Band ASOBCS2