Permanent Contributing Membership


Now is not the time to fail the kids who will need your help tomorrow!


Our hospitals really need your help right now


Every noble should have a PCM


Every Noble pays an annual $5 hospital assessment each year when he pays his annual Shrine dues. For a one time tax-deductible payment of $150, you will receive a handsome certificate showing that you are a "Permanent Contributing Member" and your annual $5.00 hospital assessment will be waived for your lifetime.


The $150 paid is placed in the Shriners Hospitals Endowment Fund in your name. It will generate interest year after year and will enable the hospitals to remain at the forefront of orthopedic and burn care to ensure tens of thousands of children will receive the best care available for now and many generations to come.


​For more information contact:

The Shrine Office



Buy a PCM online

We can accept all major credit cards even if you do not have a PayPal account. Or, if you have, or want to create, an account with PayPal, you may pay through that account. Payments will show on your bank/card statement as ABDALLAHSHR.