The Roadster Unit was chartered July 4th, 1981.


The Roadster Unit has been active in the Shrine center and is a parade unit with (11) active members.


The Roadster is a half-scale Model B Ford Roadster. We have pre-owned Roadsters available at a reasonable cost. (Information is available from any officer of our Unit.) The initiation fee is $50.00, which includes the dues and insurance for your Roadster.


The Unit has a standard uniform for Shrine center activities, another for parades, and also have a formal uniform for functions that require it.


The Roadsters support all Shrine center activities including Taco Night. Bingo, Abdallah Rodeo, and The American Royal Rodeo. We also serve on the East-West Shrine Football Committee, and act as drivers to transport "The Kids" to the St. Louis Hospital.

Our Ladies have an auxiliary called "The Flames." They have elected officers and their meetings are held at the same time as the Roadsters hold theirs.


The Flames support the Roadsters in all of their projects and have their own money-making projects which go toward Unit activities.


If you like to have fun, and would rather ride than walk in a parade, the Roadster Unit should interest you.


For more information, contact any member of our Unit or call the Unit President listed in the Abdallah's monthly newspaper, "The Playground".


Meets 3rd Wednesday


President: Jim Leahy